Car accelerating by itself? Find out what it could be!


Have you ever noticed your car accelerating by itself without you having done anything? This change is more common than you think , but you have to be careful not to cause more serious problems.

Yes, if your car has the engine accelerated in neutral or if the engine dies when accelerating, this can damage your vehicle , especially if you continue to rotate with it like that for a long time.

Wobbly acceleration can indicate several problems with the car. Thus, it is worth investigating what is causing such a change . You don't have to be an expert in this area, but it's important to know when it's time to seek assistance to continue driving safely. So, see how to identify the problem of the car accelerating alone, what are the possible causes and how to take care of it. Check out!

How to know if the car is too fast?

You can notice the car accelerating by itself at times when it should be on without changing the rpm. There are two common situations in everyday life in which it is easy to notice this problem:

The first is when you park the vehicle and take your foot off the accelerator, but the engine makes that accelerating sound. If your car accelerates in neutral, it is signaling that there is a problem .

The second common situation is the one where the engine dies when you try to accelerate the car, as in the exit after the light turns.

It is possible to notice in these two situations that the engine rotation is deregulated, right? Later on, let's understand the time to understand what are the possible causes for this to happen.

Possible causes for the car accelerating on its own

It is important to know the main reasons for the car accelerating by itself.

As we already told you here, there are different reasons that can cause this problem on your car . The first step in solving this is to identify the possible sources that are generating the change in the engine.

For you to drive more safely and take care of your car without wasting money, let's go to the main reasons for the engine accelerating by itself :

Idle speed actuator

One of the reasons that leave the car accelerating alone may be the idle actuator. This piece serves to control the air and fuel entry into the engine because it is connected to the vehicle's electrical system.

The actuator keeps the engine running even when you don't accelerate and are idling. If the part has a problem, the amount of air and fuel may be altered, causing acceleration .

Throttle position sensor

The car's electronic injection system has the throttle body, which operates together with the actuator controlling the air intake into the engine. It can accumulate residues from the steam that comes out of other components or even from poor quality fuel.

As you move the accelerator pedal, the throttle body moves to allow air in. The position sensor is located next to the throttle body to identify the acceleration power, speed, etc .

This information and that of other sensors will make the engine module determine the operation of the car, such as the ignition advance, the opening of the nozzles, etc.

When the throttle position sensor has problems, the engine will receive information to inject fuel at the wrong time , which can have effects and leave the car accelerating alone.

Uneven air intake

Another cause of acceleration problems is an uneven amount of air entering the combustion chamber . In it, the mixture of air and fuel is made, which generates energy for the rotation of the wheels, being fundamental for the car to move.

Some factors that can lead to irregular air intake are the injector beak, the air compressor and the engine air filter. If there is a change in the amount of air, this can leave the car accelerating on its own .

Electrical problems

The engine accelerating alone can have several causes, so it's important to talk to a professional.

As in the previous topics, the problem in one or more parts generates a lack of synchrony in the operation of the vehicle and can cause damage to different components . In the case of the electrical part, she cannot identify the right amount of energy that the car needs to move.

The alternator, which is part of the electrical system, transforms the engine's mechanical energy into electrical energy. This mechanism powers the battery and provides energy for the vehicle to run.

If the alternator doesn't have the precise information of how much energy to generate, it can understand that it needs more than it already has , leaving the car accelerating alone.

After all, how do you know what the problem is with your car? Since there is more than one cause for a revving engine, you should take your vehicle to a professional for the proper diagnosis .

This saves you from spending money trying to fix what wasn't the real cause. In addition,  review and maintenance can serve to identify other important repairs for your safety.

Is it expensive to fix a speeding car?

The cost  for this repair will depend on what is causing the problem with the car accelerating on its own. However, it is worth clarifying that this type of problem does not cause the loss of the engine.

Maybe you have to change one or more parts — like the air filter — or just clean it — as with the throttle body. In addition to the cost of the part, there is also the value of the service of those who will do it.

If you have the car accelerating on its own, be aware that this could cause an increase in fuel consumption . After all, the mismatched information in the operation of the vehicle makes it spend more fuel and energy to move.

That is, as there is no accurate information, he works with what he has and this can trigger faster wear of the parts as well. One of the ways to mitigate this cost is to take the car to a professional as soon as you notice any irregularities or by doing preventive maintenance regularly .

Insurance for Your Vehicle

Insuring your car  is also a way to take care of this good and to guarantee your safety and that of your family when you go out with it. It is a way to prevent high expenses in case of vehicle problems, accidents or emergencies.

In addition, you can count on services that help in the care of your car, such as repair, towing, locksmith, lack of fuel and tire change .

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